Videography / Editing / Motion Graphics / Photography
Audio Engineering / Live Streaming / VR 360

Over 20 years of audiovisual production experience, startup-mindset, passion for storytelling and marketing.

Available for freelance work or long term relationship with the right company/startup in Los Angeles or SF Bay Area.

The battle for your customers’ and clients’ attention.

News and products, companies and services are now discovered through social media instead of directly searcher for. Facebook has more than BILLION video views per day. Most of the social network will be video.

Authenticity is the key factor. Focus on how your company stands out from the crowd. Give your company, product or service a personality.

Want to take advantage of the benefits of Facebook video for your business?

You already have great content. Now publish it in a way that induces engagement. Offer superior experiences to your customers and see how they improve your conversions.

Let me help you.

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With the proliferation of video on Facebook, it’s becoming increasingly important for businesses to incorporate it into their marketing strategies.

With the growth of video views on Facebook, the platform is taking strides to make it easier for consumers and businesses alike to share and discover video content. It also recently launched a number of tools and features that help businesses get the word out with video. Consumers want video, and Facebook has become the platform of choice for watching and, more importantly, sharing.

Brands are now posting to Facebook directly, rather than sharing YouTube videos on Facebook. According to Socialbakers, brands posted more videos to Facebook than they did on YouTube last December.


Ways to use Facebook Video for more engagement


Inspire your audience with a message. Inspirational videos get more shares and engagement than direct sales messages. Inspiration can help to fuel you when you’re up against long hours and hard work. Sometimes a great motivational pep talk can be all you need to boost your confidence and move through times of fatigue, challenge or adversity.


People go to Facebook to have fun! It doesn’t mean you have to post cat videos (ok, maybe a few) or something completely off-topic just to get their attention. Be entertaining and have fun! A humorous approach to your products, company or behind the scenes will get more shares. Create funny videos with a business message inside.


Another type of effective video is to give a quick tip or teach something useful to your viewer. Short tips are shared often and drives traffic to your site when the video includes a link for more information.


Professional promotional videos can be interesting too. Be yourself, natural, open minded and tell about company, show the people behind it, client testimonies, employee interviews and maybe celebrity guests. Show your quality products or services in an interesting way.

Video Ads

The Facebook Call-to-Action button allows you to draw attention to a video on your website from your Facebook cover image. This can be a traffic-driver for people who visit your page. Consider giving your video an extra boost with a Facebook video ad. If your video is inspiring or teaches something, you’ll get natural shares. However, a bit of ad budget will make the video go farther.


Create partnerships with artists, bands, entertainers and collaborate. It’s more important to think about how well the creator’s own brand and audience characteristics align with your brand than it is to look at their subscriber numbers and video views. When thinking about the possible video execution, don’t restrict your ideas to what’s been done before. Your partnership with the artist comes with no limitations – from a simple on-screen product review or product placement to a full-scale scripted production.

Those Are Just A Few Uses For Video, There Are Plenty More

Recruitment videos

If you are recruiting for new talent in your company, one great way to do so is by taking your recruitment ad to video. It is also important that you build a desirable and pragmatic perception in the eyes of your potential recruits and employees.
Actual employees give first-hand testimonials as to how it is like to work for the company. Its simple and persuasive, Employees talk about the career opportunities and working environments that the company provides for them. This establishes a sense of personal connection and trust between the people in the video and the potential recruits who are watching it.

 How to pitch your startup? A Video can help.

Founders need to think long and hard about how to stimulate engagement with funders. Engaging in a two way conversation is the best way to ensure that funders are listening and really digesting the critical dimensions of the business.

Pitching is about stimulating engagement

“Having a great startup pitch has more to do with setting up and running a great company than optimizing some type of sales process to investors,” says Ken Howery, co-founder of Founders Fund and PayPal. “Great investors can see through most tactics that you will use in the pitch process, so the best fundraising strategy is to build a great company.”

The pitch should include details on the company overview, team, market, solution, business model, customers, competition, financial overview, funding, vision and of course, a video should be available for viewing.

Practice, practice and practice. Film your pitch. I can help you perfecting your performance with a professional coach.

High Quality is The Key.

Keep it short. Make it look professional. Use an experienced crew (me). High quality cameras, good lighting, clear sound and carefully selected music, tight editing, simple and clean motion graphics will attract the attention of people.

And don’t forget to smile for the camera.

Facebook Best Practices For Video Ads

Tailor your story to your audience.

Invest in Production.

Use the first few seconds wisely.

Focus on storytelling.

Tell your story with and without sound or music.

 360 Virtual Reality is coming fast.

Imagine being on stage with the band, in the middle of everything.
Imagine experiencing a documentary on location in 360 degrees.
Imagine a Virtual Reality traveling show.
How about a theater play where you are among the actors?

And there is so much more we can do.

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